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Terminus is a web application for corpus and terminology management. It allows creating and managing terminological projects and selecting data categories. It integrates the complete work process of individual and/or team terminographic work: textual corpus search, compilation and analysis, term extraction, glossary and project management, database creation and maintenance, and dictionary edition. Terminus contains different articulated modules:

  • Projects: for creating a terminological project.
  • Sources: for managing the sources used in a terminological project.
  • Conceptual structure: for creating a concept tree in order to structure the terms of a given glossary.
  • Documents: for uploading text files which will constitute the working corpus.
  • Corpus: for selecting documents to build a corpus.
  • Corpus analysis: for statistical corpus exploitation. Word frequency, concordances, n- grams and association measures can be extracted. It also for term extraction from LSP corpus.
  • Glossaries: for creating and managing the glossaries of a project.
  • Terms: for introducing terminological data into a glossary, retrieve them and export them.

Access to Terminus 2.0 by software licensing (academic, research group or individual licenses). Information and fees